Scandinavia: Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo, Bergen, April-May 2014

By foot, by water, by train…

John C. Morris, Stacey A. Morris, and Melissa Schaeffer traveled and visited 14 museums including Moderna Museet, Fotografiska, Vasa Museet, Kiasma, Munch Museet, Astrup Fearnley Museet, Nobel Museum in Stockholm, Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, Vigeland Sculpture Park, Oslo Opera House, the Rock Church built underground in Helsinki, Finlandia Hall by architect Alvar Aalto, fjords in Bergen (Norway) which Melissa photographed in film for transparencies, crossed the Baltic Sea, met with designers in Stockholm and Helsinki (and made locally-sourced dinner with them!), experienced the textiles at the Marimekko flagship store in Helsinki, and took trains through the Swedish forests and Norwegian snow landscape.

img_6603 img_6601   img_6583 img_6578 img_6537 img_6536 img_6534 img_6527  img_6517 img_6505 img_6501 img_6497 img_6494  img_6476 img_6461  img_6451 img_6446  img_6440 img_6437 img_6378  img_6333 img_6330 img_6314  img_6310 img_6306 img_6281 img_6277  img_6272 img_6268 img_6255   img_6212 img_6197 img_6194 img_6144 img_6140 img_6138 img_6133 img_6131 img_6122 img_6114 img_6109 img_6107  img_6097  img_6068 img_6053 img_6046 img_6044  img_6029 img_6021 img_6016 img_6006 img_5993   img_5980 img_5978 img_5973 img_5964 img_5963 img_5959 img_5957 img_5956 img_5954 img_5953  img_5948 img_5937 img_5903 img_5902

img_5881 img_5880 img_5865   img_5851 img_5823 img_5821  img_5808 img_5798  img_5792 img_5773 img_5770 img_5759 img_5756 img_5754 img_5745 img_5739   img_5732 img_5730  img_5695  img_5683

img_5681 img_1915 img_5677   img_1901 img_5654 img_1899 img_5618 img_1856 img_5617 img_2060 img_5616 img_2015 img_5595 img_2014  img_5591  img_5579  img_1961 img_1958  img_1916

img_2227   img_5022 img_5016 img_5015   img_4958  img_4938 img_4923 img_4920 img_4909  img_4902   img_4884 img_4876 img_4866 img_4852

Photos and videos by Stacey A. Morris and John C. Morris.

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