Larkspur Library: MARIN SERIES August 2017

The last stop on the 2016/2017 MARIN SERIES library tour…TITANIA, a Fairfax fern, DESDEMONA, ivy climbing up a Fairfax tree, and KATHARINA, golden grass of Woodacre, are on view at the Larkspur Library through the month of August.  They are 3 of 11 pieces of MARIN SERIES by light artist Melissa Schaeffer.  She also wrote … read more

MARIN SERIES Exhibit Tour, Fall 2016 to Summer 2017

In MARIN SERIES, eleven photographic film transparencies cast the nature of Marin County as William Shakespeare’s female characters. The series was a collaboration between light artist Melissa Schaeffer and fiber artist John C. Morris, who hand-wrote the exhibit text in calligraphy. The MARIN SERIES exhibit tour was organized by John C. Morris, and traveled to … read more

MARIN SERIES at Bolinas Library, May 1st – May 31st, 2017

Hidden Nature: An Interview Melissa Schaeffer: What is the aura of something hidden? John C. Morris: The aura of something hidden…is…at first seems like a paradox because you think of it as visualizing an aura and visualizing something’s aura or someone’s aura. So if it’s hidden it seems like you can’t visualize it…yet…you could also … read more

Paris, France March/April 2014

Light Artist Melissa Schaeffer returned to Paris in March/April 2014 for 5 weeks to heal her memories and black and white film photograph BIOHAZARDOUS SERIES: a healing series–in the Luxembourg Gardens.  This series will be printed and exhibited in 2018.  She stayed in the 6th and 10th arrondissements, mostly in the 10th.  These six videos … read more

Scandinavia: Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo, Bergen, April-May 2014

By foot, by water, by train… John C. Morris, Stacey A. Morris, and Melissa Schaeffer traveled and visited 14 museums including Moderna Museet, Fotografiska, Vasa Museet, Kiasma, Munch Museet, Astrup Fearnley Museet, Nobel Museum in Stockholm, Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, Vigeland Sculpture Park, Oslo Opera House, the Rock Church built underground in Helsinki, Finlandia … read more